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The incredible discovery of marine sugars by Phytomer

You cannot see them with the naked eye yet microscopic organisms represent 90 per cent of underwater life. Only one per cent of them are known to date.

Phytomer has been exploring marine life for over 40 years with a true passion and is now inaugurating brand new biotechnological ingredients: marine sugars.   These sugars, naturally produced by marine microorganisms, have no earthly equivalent and cannot be copied.  They represent a reservoir of unique and inimitable ingredients with unprecedented benefits for the skin!

Each marine sugar has specific properties in terms of texture, cellular activation and, for certain ones, powerful and instantaneous surface effects. For example, the XMF (extra marine filler) marine sugar, discovered and produced by Phytomer, creates an invisible natural film on the skin surface that instantly smooths the appearance of wrinkles.

To be able to use these marine sugars without tapping into natural resources, Phytomer has developed a biotechnological cultivation program.  The program starts by selecting and isolating the microorganism capable of producing the identified marine sugar; then placing it in the bioreactor in optimum conditions that promote the synthesis of its marine sugar.
The micro-organism thus becomes a ‘manufacturer’ of advanced molecules in the laboratory.  Once synthesised, the marine sugar is then extracted and purified without adding a chemical solvent or alcohol.


This very advanced natural production method provides Phytomer laboratories with a high level of purity and optimum quality of active ingredients. As a result Pionnière XMF Perfection Youth Cream, that incorporates XMF marine sugar, provides incredible anti-ageing results!  Find out more on



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