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Today my bathroom becomes a spa!

Do you want to enjoy a moment of utter well-being and relaxation? Then indulge yourself with a cocooning break, transform your bathroom and pamper yourself as if you were in a spa.

01 Nurturing bath

As soon as you start running the water, pour OLIGOMER® WELL-BEING SENSATION Essential Minerals Relaxing Bath into it. This balneotherapy treatment at home, fully revitalizes the skin, helps to relieve tension in the body and promotes optimum relaxation. Its Green Tea / Jasmine fragrance is diffused throughout the duration of your bath and leaves a trail of freshness and lightness on your skin.


02 3-in-1 Toning Scrub

Before sinking into your bath, exfoliate your body with TONING BODY SCRUB with Marine Salt Crystals, an excellent ally for exfoliating, moisturizing and revitalizing the skin. To take full advantage the benefits of the exfoliation, warm the scrub in your hands, then massage it onto dry skin using upward circular movements, paying particular attention to rough areas such as heels, knees and elbows.


03 Mask of plenty

Once exfoliated, and before diving into your bath, move on to the face mask stage. Now is the time to enjoy the benefits of steam which opens the pores of your face and enhances the action of the mask. The choice is yours for pampering your face:


03 A burst of moisture

Just out of the bath, dry yourself thoroughly and moisturize generously with Oleocreme Ultra Moisturizing Body Milk. Moisturize yourself from head to toe with this miracle cream that provides your skin with all the essential ingredients and nutrients to strengthen it, soften it and make it more attractive. Its creamy and velvety texture is absorbed in a stroke, bringing your skin comfort and suppleness. Enveloped in a satiny veil, it is velvety-smooth to the touch.


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