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  • TRÉSOR DES MERS Beautifying Oil 100ml

    TRÉSOR DES MERS Beautifying Oil 100ml


    A Glowing Beauty Treasure

    This beautifying dry oil enhances the beauty of the face, body and hair with its satiny texture. A true treasure of the sea, this oil infuses all the benefits of marine and vegetal oils to moisturize, nourish, repair, and protect both the skin and hair in a single step.

    Subtly golden, this beauty elixir illuminates the skin with light while leaving a divine summery fragrance.

    Scientific innovations


    Mekabu Oil is extracted from Weaving Algae, a laminaria algae with exceptional moisturizing properties. Obtained by an eco-friendly supercritical CO2 extraction method, this oil acts on the stratum corneum and the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) to fight against dehydration. It limits water loss in the stratum corneum and increases cell cohesion for more water tight skin. It also ensures a better connection between the dermis and epidermis by strengthening specific anchoring proteins.

    Active ingredients

    Mekabu Oil: Reinforces cell cohesion and the epidermal-dermal connection to limit water loss in the skin.
    Glasswort Oil: Improves moisture circulation and storage of water and urea in the epidermis while strengthening the lipidic barrier.
    Sesame and Macadamia Oil: Intensely infuses the skin with essential unsaturated fatty acids to replenish lipids in the skin.
    Buriti Oil: Protects the skin from free radicals

  • Tresor Des Mers Ultra Nourishing Body Cream 150ml

    Tresor Des Mers Ultra Nourishing Body Cream 150ml

    Nourishing Rich Cream

    Enriched in the most precious marine oils, this melt-away cream delivers a source of intense moisture to your skin and reduces the signs of time. Skin is left supple, relaxed and infinitely soft. Day after day, the body looks younger.



    Provides a sensation of long-lasting moisturizing: 96%
    Provides comfort and suppleness to the skin: 96%
    Skin is like regenerated: 92%

    *Auto-evaluation on 21 volunteers after a twice-daily application during 28 days.


    Sea Gorse is a spiny seaside shrub characteristic of the Brittany landscape. It develops on acidic granite soils. It is mainly found in the west of Europe, from Scotland to Portugal, and in France, notably in the Brittany and Vendée regions.
    Scientists at PHYTOMER have discovered that the incredible resilience of Sea Gorse is due to its rich composition of phytosterols. These act on its growth and survival, protecting it from premature aging.
    Following the principle of marine biomimicry, at PHYTOMER Sea Gorse oil is used to stimulate cellular vitality (renewal and cohesion) and thereby boost the skin's youthfulness.

    Sea Gorse Oil: Acts to combat the signs of aging by promoting cellular renewal and cohesion.
    Pheohydrane: Moisturizing.
    Glasswort Oil: Improves cellular cohesion and maintains moisture balance in the skin.