Professional Advice

My skin feels tight.

Dear beautician, what can I do?

Say yes
to naturally

Never skip

Victory over
puffiness and
dark circles

Make your eyes sparkle
with youth

Grab your sunscreens!

My 100% SUN
for an
incredible tan.

adopt the right
skincare routine

Go for PHYTOMER steps 100% for men!

Night cream, day cream, have both?

Tonight, I will have sweet
dreams, so will my skin!

Out of
my sight, blemishes!

I show off zero flaw skin!

Dare showing
off your decollete!

Aim for firmness.

I am freezing cold
and so is
my skin

A few anti-dryness

I need some air!

Breathe, and enjoy the benefits of a stroll by the sea!

I deal with
cellulite dimples throughout the day!

Orange peel skin had better watch out!

Objective radiance
and a glowing complexion!

Watch this space...

my bathroom is

becoming a SPA!

Anti-stress tips for a
dip into well-being!

The hunt for
unwanted pounds
has begun!

I slim overnight without doing anything!

I've made up my mind,
I am going to take care
of my wrinkles!

Goal: to look 10 years younger!

A beautiful golden skin, a natural glowing tan: YES

Orange skin: NO THANKS!

I get out
the eraser!

No more dull complexion.

No more
and dry skin!

I want to keep my skin baby soft.

I take care of my hands and feet.

My skin is superb from head to toe!